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Weber Grill coupons & promotions codes February 2016

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More information about Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker

If you want to get the perfect choice for your backyard barbeque, there is nothing better than the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18.5 Inch. With the product, the smoking of meats becomes easier and reliable. In its desgin, there is a no-rust alumuminum door with a spring-loaded latch allowing you to easily access to the charcoal chamber and water pan. During the process, you’re able to monitor the grill’s temperature with a built-in thermometer. Thanks to that, this smoker is considered as one of the most popular charcoal powered vertical water smoker on the market. It has a great amount of fans and surely, the amount will be more and more. If you get excited from this item, it’s necessary to read this review. Here are some features making it to be special.

Weber Smokey Mountain features

When you talk about the Weber Smokey Mountain, there are some good things you need to mention including ease in use, ability of temperature maintenance for many hours, and capability of producing great barbecue. These things make the smoker to be famous with a lot of people both on the barbecue competition circuit and on the internet. There are some slight changes in its design compared to previous models but without impact for how it cooks. While the price is still remained as previous, the thermometer is lid mounted, the front door handle is larger and more intuitive. There is also a heat shield in the bottom.

The durability of the construction is another good thing found at the great smoker. Thanks to the porcelain-enamel coating, the product will be high durable and it’s difficult for the heavy gauge steel to be rusted. So you can use it without any worry during the smoking process.

Weber Smokey Mountain review


  •  Hold the constant temperatures with a superior airflow design.
  • Easy to compensate for wind thanks to multiple vents
  • Sealed design allows you to completely shut this smoker down.
  • Redundant charcoal is saved for next time


The front access door is a little flimsy so it is easy to be bended out of shape.

Weber Smokey Mountain best price

The orginal price for that product-the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18.5 Inch is $349.00 but it’s only $299.00 on The amount of money saved is up to $50.00 (14%). You can find no place with a cheaper price because Amazon is always the best for customers.