Traveling season is here and you are geared up for another awesome vacation. But sometimes, the memories of those amazing moments get lost in the frays and rush. The following article details 4 ways for you to make your vacation more memorable, while getting plenty of pictures to commemorate the experience.

Pack Light with Your Daily Essentials

You might think you need 20 pairs of shorts to go on vacation, but you never do—unless you actually plan on staying for 2 weeks or longer. Pack light with just the essentials, such as travel-sized bottles of shampoo and soap. Or, better yet, buy a few items when you get to your destination. Packing light will allow you to worry less about lots of stuff when you arrive and leave your location.

Book Home-Like Accommodations

Home-like accommodations could include anything from a plush, feather mattress and down pillows, to cable television and high-speed internet. Or, it could be the simpler things, like a great view and an awesome breakfast. Go all out for your vacation accommodations with places that bring home to you. For instance, you could search for Singer Island condo rentals, or the equivalent wherever you go, for a homey, positive experience with modern amenities.

Take Lots of Pictures, But Stay in the Moment

Instead of relying on your smartphone for pictures, bring a disposable camera, or several, to capture those memorable moments. The lack of an LED screen allows you to return more easily to the moment at hand, giving you ample time to enjoy your travels. It is easier to commit those moments to beautiful memories when you leave the complex electronics behind.

Abandon Social Media for Real World Experiences

Social media has taken over, and many travelers feel the need to update their statuses with pictures every few minutes. This can detract from the experience, since their minds remain on the comments and likes they might get for a picture or status update. Here’s a suggestion: Abandon social media for the duration of your vacation. Say goodbye to the online world for a little while, and bask in the amazing elements of your destination. There are so many real world experiences to be had when you’re not glued to your smartphone.

Dear travelers, you can take the aforementioned tips as advice for a memorable and amazing vacation. Remember that the best memories are made in the moment, when smartphones and the electronic world are forgotten for a while. To make a vacation more memorable, you simply have to allow yourself to enjoy it.

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