The popularity of Bali as a tourist destination means there will be lots of people in most of the attraction areas during peak seasons. So does that mean an extroverted holiday ahead, or people who just want to have quiet alone time have no place in Bali?

No, it doesn’t.

There are actually places and things you can enjoy in Bali without having to mingle with the crowds. Away from the popular spots, and even less known, but just as enjoyable and gratifying.


Here is a list of five amazing little known places you may want to visit in Bali:

Telaga Waja River

Lying in the eastern side of Bali, the Telaga Waja is a largely unknown gem. Most of the attention goes to the Ayung River in the north, but the Telaga offers just as much fascination for those who dare to be different. It is most ideal for rafting as it descends the slopes of Mount Abang, with beautiful rolling greens on the surrounding slopes. Further down at Rendang Village, there are more open and warmer pools to dip in and splash, and no crowd around you.

Oh, and the biggest temple in Bali is just close by.

Nusa Ceningan surfing break

This break in the little island by the same name is an ideal place to escape the crowds as you go surfing. That it has long been touted as a ground for experienced surfers has kept many people from taking interest, but you don’t really need to be number one in the world to surf here.

Standing alongside the Nusa Ceningan is the Nusa Lembongan, an equally beautiful sight to behold. They are so close so you could just refer to them as one attraction spot. It is really a place for adventurous holiday-ers; if you are not a surfer or a diver this one might give you a chill.

The area is significantly gaining attention; it might be wise to make your visit early before it becomes another crowded area in Bali.

The Sukawati secret sacred canyon

This marvel to the eyesight is located close to Pura Beji Guwang, and still remains a hidden gem despite its outstanding beauty. If there is literally a sight to behold, it is the Sukawati Canyon. You can stare at it for hours, and see something new or different every second.

You will hear of a crying skull, lions, fire flames and lots of other things, but you must look with undivided attention to notice any of these. Artists and lovers of art would especially draw inspiration from this one!

You will need to be a little more daring than normal to reach the sacred spot, but once you feast your eyes on it, the slippery and muddy paths will all be worth the effort.

Sambangan secret gardens

So literally hidden it is almost known to locals only, yet the beauty of the secret garden is as breath-taking as breath taking sights come! The rolling green wild, the waterfalls and the clean natural pools will truly give you a reflection of the beauty of your inner self. Ever heard there is no situation more ideal that perfect sync of the body and the soul? The secret gardens will give you just that! Best accessible through Lovina (20-minute car ride), you should make a point of slotting not less than four hours in your plan for the secret garden, and even after that it is likely you won’t want to leave.

Atuh beach

The secluded beach in Nusa Penida east coast offers a host of unique sights. The white sand beach with a different kind of soft feeling to the feet, and the corals sticking out always create a picture perfect pattern when the water waves wash back. It is especially attractive when the tide is low, because then you can see the elements sticking out from the sea floor like big seeds germinating after a generous shower of rain.

In the distance, you see the sun’s rays struggling to sneak in their beauty like they are trying to reveal a wonderful secret that a few people want to keep for themselves. The Juntil Cape cliffs stick out like an old man in tattered clothes, who has refused to let go of them because of the comfort they offered in the days of old. Starkly contrasting is the neat Labuan Ampuak rock island on the opposite side, wearing their green vegetation like a cap of honor.

Aling Aling twin falls

Waterfalls are a sight to behold, twin appearances even more. All you have to do is stand, watching the water falling with little worry for what lies ahead – or is it below? Then wondering if there is any kind of agreements between twin falls ‘you go that way, I’ll go this way, see you at the other end’ . Remember, we are moving at 60 mph, no more, no less, okay?

The Aling Aling fall at entirely different speeds, like they have- yes- fallen out with each other. Even more beautiful, they have naturally created a water slide. With a little motivation and guts, you can slide down.

Yes, finally there is a natural waterfall you can slide down on. And yes, it is one of the least known places in Bali.