When a group of buddies and I decided to go to a sporting event, we decided to go in style. All of us had been to various sporting events in the past, and we knew that one of the biggest struggles was getting parking spaces. Rather than deal with that, we decided to look at Toronto limo buses to see if it was within our budget to do this. We knew that it would be a lot more fun for all of us if we could actually go to the game together in one vehicle, plus getting dropped off right at the entrance and getting picked up there at the conclusion of the game was really nice too.

The website that I went to for pricing on these party buses was really nice. I looked at the different buses, and then we had determine how many of us were going. We put out the call to all of our mutual friends, and a group of three dozen was the final tally. They have a bus that will hold 35 people, and one that holds 40 to 45 people. I decided to get quotes on both and see the availability on both.

Both are extremely affordable considering that everyone is going to pitch in an equal amount. If I had to cover it on my own, it might be a problem, but we would be splitting the cost 30 something ways. As soon as I saw the interior of the bus too, I knew that this was the only way for us to travel. It is just really luxurious and nice, and I knew that we would have as much fun on the bus as we would at the stadium. I think this might be the route we go at least once a year because it is just too fun to not do it!