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Boat Ownership 101: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Posted by Johnny Coleman on

Buying a boat, whether you’ve done it before or not, can be pretty exciting. Most people with an interest in boating at least enjoy the process of shopping for the perfect boat, even if they don’t have the budget for the vessel of their dreams.

Before you buy a boat though, there are some things that you absolutely need to know. If you’re an experienced boat owner, some of these tips might seem a little bit basic to you. For newbies though, following these tips can help you save a lot of money and prevent some serious headaches down the road.

Keep reading to learn more about what everybody needs to know before buying a boat on the new or used market.

Think About Buying Used

A used boat can help you save a whole lot of money over a vessel that’s brand new off the showroom floor. While some boats don’t hold their resale value very well, this can actually be a very good thing for people shopping on the used market.

When you’re considering a used boat, make sure you pay attention to how much it costs new. You’ll also want to do online searches to see if the price is fair compared to others in your area and around the country.

Another thing to consider with a used boat is how much work you’ll need to put into one. Buying new may be a better option if you’re not sure of the level of maintenance performed on a boat or how much you’ll need to spend to get it up to snuff.

Not all boats are well taken care of by their owners after all.

Consider Maintenance

Much like owning a car, boat maintenance can be a killer if you’re on a budget. The fact is that more expensive boats, even if they’re brand new, can have considerably higher maintenance costs.

When you’re shopping for a boat, one of the smartest things you can do is talk to a mechanic or somebody who can handle the maintenance for you and ask about pricing. You might find that a boat that’s in your budget becomes a little bit too much to handle once you factor in maintenance costs.

Don’t let a boat that you should love become a burden because repair costs are so high.

5 Hidden Wonderful Places You Can Visit In Bali

Posted by Johnny Coleman on

The popularity of Bali as a tourist destination means there will be lots of people in most of the attraction areas during peak seasons. So does that mean an extroverted holiday ahead, or people who just want to have quiet alone time have no place in Bali?

No, it doesn’t.

There are actually places and things you can enjoy in Bali without having to mingle with the crowds. Away from the popular spots, and even less known, but just as enjoyable and gratifying.


Here is a list of five amazing little known places you may want to visit in Bali:

Telaga Waja River

Lying in the eastern side of Bali, the Telaga Waja is a largely unknown gem. Most of the attention goes to the Ayung River in the north, but the Telaga offers just as much fascination for those who dare to be different. It is most ideal for rafting as it descends the slopes of Mount Abang, with beautiful rolling greens on the surrounding slopes. Further down at Rendang Village, there are more open and warmer pools to dip in and splash, and no crowd around you.

Oh, and the biggest temple in Bali is just close by.

Nusa Ceningan surfing break

This break in the little island by the same name is an ideal place to escape the crowds as you go surfing. That it has long been touted as a ground for experienced surfers has kept many people from taking interest, but you don’t really need to be number one in the world to surf here.

Standing alongside the Nusa Ceningan is the Nusa Lembongan, an equally beautiful sight to behold. They are so close so you could just refer to them as one attraction spot. It is really a place for adventurous holiday-ers; if you are not a surfer or a diver this one might give you a chill.

The area is significantly gaining attention; it might be wise to make your visit early before it becomes another crowded area in Bali.

The Sukawati secret sacred canyon

This marvel to the eyesight is located close to Pura Beji Guwang, and still remains a hidden gem despite its outstanding beauty. If there is literally a sight to behold, it is the Sukawati Canyon. You can stare at it for hours, and see something new or different every second.

You will hear of a crying skull, lions, fire flames and lots of other things, but you must look with undivided attention to notice any of these. Artists and lovers of art would especially draw inspiration from this one!

You will need to be a little more daring than normal to reach the sacred spot, but once you feast your eyes on it, the slippery and muddy paths will all be worth the effort.

Sambangan secret gardens

So literally hidden it is almost known to locals only, yet the beauty of the secret garden is as breath-taking as breath taking sights come! The rolling green wild, the waterfalls and the clean natural pools will truly give you a reflection of the beauty of your inner self. Ever heard there is no situation more ideal that perfect sync of the body and the soul? The secret gardens will give you just that! Best accessible through Lovina (20-minute car ride), you should make a point of slotting not less than four hours in your plan for the secret garden, and even after that it is likely you won’t want to leave.

Atuh beach

The secluded beach in Nusa Penida east coast offers a host of unique sights. The white sand beach with a different kind of soft feeling to the feet, and the corals sticking out always create a picture perfect pattern when the water waves wash back. It is especially attractive when the tide is low, because then you can see the elements sticking out from the sea floor like big seeds germinating after a generous shower of rain.

In the distance, you see the sun’s rays struggling to sneak in their beauty like they are trying to reveal a wonderful secret that a few people want to keep for themselves. The Juntil Cape cliffs stick out like an old man in tattered clothes, who has refused to let go of them because of the comfort they offered in the days of old. Starkly contrasting is the neat Labuan Ampuak rock island on the opposite side, wearing their green vegetation like a cap of honor.

Aling Aling twin falls

Waterfalls are a sight to behold, twin appearances even more. All you have to do is stand, watching the water falling with little worry for what lies ahead – or is it below? Then wondering if there is any kind of agreements between twin falls ‘you go that way, I’ll go this way, see you at the other end’ . Remember, we are moving at 60 mph, no more, no less, okay?

The Aling Aling fall at entirely different speeds, like they have- yes- fallen out with each other. Even more beautiful, they have naturally created a water slide. With a little motivation and guts, you can slide down.

Yes, finally there is a natural waterfall you can slide down on. And yes, it is one of the least known places in Bali.

Indonesian Culture Performances that Attracts Tourists in The World

Posted by Johnny Coleman on

It is fitting we are proud to be citizens of Indonesia who have incredible cultural diversity. It has also become more distinct values of Indonesia in the eyes of foreigners.

Tourists and travelers the world, who are interested in visiting Indonesia, it is also sometimes they come back again just to see how the cultural show that we have. No wonder, because for them the traditions and culture that we have is unique and is not owned by other countries.

And some cultural performances, most favored by tourists in the world, including:

  • Batik

Batik is a form of art in the form of fabric painted with a particular motif. Traditional techniques done by using wax and a tool called a canting. The tradition of decorating fabric resembles batik exists in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries. But the most famous Indonesian batik among others worldwide.

The Batik artificial island of Java has a long history of acculturation with diverse patterns are influenced by a variety of cultures. Batik is not just a fabric, but also works of art. That’s why in October 2009, Indonesian batik as a UNESCO World Heritage Human Oral and non-material.

  • Wayang Kulit

Wayang Kulit art show has been in Indonesia for a few centuries ago. Initially wayang kulit art is used as a medium to spread the religion. But with a growing age, the show has now become a means of entertainment for the public, even becoming one of the Indonesian culture is very interested foreigners visiting Indonesia. To know more about Wayang Kulit, you can see it in wayang kulit pattern.

  • Angklung

Type a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo pipes were developed in the community of Sunda, West Java, to attract more foreign tourists, is Angklumg. Angklung is not the only traditional musical instrument in the world is made of bamboo, but has now become one of the most popular and worldwide.

  • Reog

East Java has art shows that attract foreign tourists that reog. This art dances with masks lion-shaped head called “Singa Barong”. At the top of the lion’s head, there are ornate peacock feathers affixed such that it looks like a giant fan. Amazingly, Singa Barong mask this may weigh 50 to 60 kg and only taken by using a tooth.

This show is usually done by some person you defeated, besides barongan (people who act as barong), there is also a jathil depicting horsemen, Warok depicting perfect person his manner of life, Klono Sewandono which is king of magic, and Bujang Ganongan or Patih deft, clever, witty, and very powerful. With some typical dance moves reog, and see the reog players, making it aesthetically impressive and has a special meaning.

  • Gamelan

Gamelan equipment has become a big attraction for tourists who come to Indonesia. In fact, because so popular, people from other countries began flocking to learn the traditional art of Indonesia. Gamelan first appeared after the Hindu-Buddhist culture enters and spread in Indonesia. Musical instruments, then developed during the Majapahit kingdom known to shape up like this now.

These are just a kind of cultural performances Indonesia attractive in the eyes of foreign tourists. It was only a small part, because we know Indonesia has so many cultures that make the world spellbound.

Thai Airways International Set To Resume Bangkok-Moscow Flights In December 2016

Posted by Johnny Coleman on

Thai Airways International is set to resume flights between Bangkok and Moscow in mid-December 2016. The decision to return to the Russian capital is understood to have been prompted by encouraging final quarter 2015 results.

The service will commence on 15 December and see Moscow become Thai Airways International or THAI’s 12th destination in Europe. The resumption of the Bangkok to Moscow flights comes nearly two years after the airline discontinued the route in March 2015.

The Thai airline currently flies to 11 destinations in nine European countries, from its global hub in Bangkok. These are Brussels (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark), London Heathrow (England), Paris (France), Frankfurt and Munich (Germany), Rome and Milan (Italy), Stockholm (Sweden), Zurich (Switzerland) and Oslo (Norway).

Travelers will be able to book the Bangkok to Moscow THAI flights online through the airline’s website, as they can to the European points listed above and the many other destinations in THAI’s global route network. Excluding its home base at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport, that global network currently comprises 62 destinations in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East.

As well as being able to book online flights from Thailand, travelers can search for great deals on flights to Thailand, sign up as a Royal Orchid Plus frequent flyer and organize travel arrangements such as hotel and resort accommodation, travel insurance, car rental, and European Rail and Airport Transfer service.

As the capital of the largest country on Earth, Moscow is a city that impresses in many different ways. Among the must-see sights is one of the most famous addresses on the planet – Red Square. From the 16th Century St. Basil’s Cathedral (itself a world famous piece of architecture) to Lenin’s Mausoleum, Red Square epitomizes the mystique and beauty of the Russian capital and remains today at the heart of the city historically, geographically and spiritually.

With a name equally as famous, the Kremlin is both intriguing and foreboding. Today it is one of the largest and most interesting museums in the world, and the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Also not to be missed while visiting Moscow is Lenin’s Mausoleum, the building that houses the waxy corpse of the Father of the Revolution.

In a city so richly steeped in history, it is not surprising to know that Moscow is home to over 100 different museums covering a vast range of interests and passions. There are those which exhibit paintings, sculptures and other works by Russia and the world’s greatest artists, those dedicated to the life and works of Russia’s most celebrated writers and poets, those which relay the political, cultural and religious history of the Russian capital, those that focus on natural history, science and technology and many others.

Moscow also happens to be considered one of the capitals of the theatre world, and rightly so with some 70 theatres and various concert halls around the city. And a world centre of opera and ballet, with the likes of the Bolshoi Theatre, State Kremlin Palace and Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre.

Another of Moscow’s claims to fame is being one of the greenest capitals in the world, with over 100 parks and gardens within the city limits. These are as varied as they are numerous, offering plenty of scope for picturesque relaxation, botanical contemplation or energetic activities like yachting and paintball.

At Gorky Park there are cycling, rollerblading, table tennis, petanque and other activities to enjoy while in winter the ponds flood, turning the park into a large ice-skating rink.

Fancy a bit of shopping? Downtown modern Moscow serves up plenty of glamorous stores full of many things from designer clothes to souvenirs, while doing a little research can be rewarding in the form of original and uniquely Russian goods and items.

When the sun goes down, Moscow’s restaurant, bar and nightlife scene offers something for everyone from trendy clubs and chill-out cafes to cheap basement eateries and fine-dining establishments.

Boats And Watercraft

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We satisfaction ourselves in customer support, and it’s what units us aside from everyone else. To get the boat up on plane it’s best to get there rapidly by pushing the throttle far ahead with a steady movement. Other intriguing stuff too, particularly the fact that the Scargo Lake is in the shape of one of many fish, it has the only hill next to it of any of the nearby lakes as though the soil dug from it was piled there. We transcend telling you methods to operate a boat lift, we teach you to make use of the boat elevate with confidence and comfort!! We provide service maintenance contracts on all the above competitor boat lifts.

By offsetting your boat in the slip, you will have entry to only one side of the boat. It’s necessary to be safe whenever you’re on the dock, however it’s additionally necessary to take warning whereas bringing your boat again to the dock. Perhaps the scariest thing you will ever do on a canal boat is cross the famous Pontcysyllte aqueduct. An additional benefit, since your boat is lifted out of the water, is the prevention of impression harm caused by storm waves and wakes. Summerset Boat Lifts would like to thank Mr. Woodruff for making the Shootout and Supercat Fest a couple of superior occasions!

A South Florida boy is being hailed a hero after he dove in to avoid wasting a teenage lady who, officers mentioned, almost drowned on the backside of a personal neighborhood swimming pool, Sunday evening. We would welcome and recognize the chance to provide you with certainly one of our quality ‘Signature’ docks. We are a family owned and operated business with happy prospects in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, Kootenays, Terrace, Prince George, and the remainder of Northern BC. We are actually the premier provider of high quality boat lifts, boat docks and associated accessories.

With a Lake of the Ozarks floating boat raise , you will not have to worry about consistently scrubbing your boat’s hull. The large majority of boats want a spreader bar to be hooked up to the growth pulling up the rear of the boat. Our boat lifts are manufactured by Boat Lift Distributors, Best Boat Lifts, Breeze Boat Lifts, East Coast Boat Lifts, Econo Boat Lifts, and Hewitt Boat Lifts. RGC boat lifts, PWC lifts and railway techniques defend your watercraft from damaging wave action, floating debris, weeds, algae and zebra mussels. Patented screw drive expertise this boat lift is faster, quieter and extremely efficient.

From private watercraft lifts at the Lake of the Ozarks all the best way to customized 46,000lb lifts, try the Galva-Hoist and its unique dealer on Lake of the Ozarks… Summerset Boat Lifts ! When it involves finding the highest boat brands, there are numerous totally different components involved in figuring out who is actually the best.


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Owning a boat comes with lots of decisions even after you’ve got made your boat purchase. We particularly want to highlight Kirstie of Neptune, Steve the Marine Contractor (Boat Lifts & Docks of South Florida) and Terry the Electrician (Bi-Us Electric) for their efforts, they all always went the extra mile, thanks once more and we will suggest you to anyone taken with a ship raise. Look for yourself and see in case you will be certain that the boat is in good working order. Glide-n-experience video – boat raise – jet dock – drive on, Promo video for drive on watercraft floats.

Electrolysis , which happens to most metals, can lead to in depth damage when a ship is left in the water for prolonged durations of time. When it’s good to increase a bow rider, hoist a hydrofoil, or increase a raft, try the huge inventory of boat lifts on eBay. You may have heard about automotive races however boat races are also held to match which boat is the fastest.

Five years of research, design, and development went into the creation of the NO PROFILE Boat Lift product line. Together, Summerset Boat Lifts and Firstmate are providing logical options for the sensible boater. If you personal a boat and having fun with going out into the ocean or lake, a bimini boat top is a should. For all your winter boat carry wants, contact Summerset Boat Lifts at 573-348-5073. By preserving your boat on a elevate, you’ll help to lower the likelihood that aquatic life will be capable of have an effect on your hull. The entire construction is bolted collectively creating essentially the most sturdy boat raise you’ll be able to personal.

Lake Cascade State Park Located some 20 miles south of McCall on highway fifty five, Lake Cascade state park surrounds most of Lake Cascade. In addition to boat lifts for sale, we also provide boat elevate components, boat raise set up and boat raise restore. Not sure what lake you’re on, however I perceive there may be another on my lake that has fallen against the dock as nicely, but have not had a chance to go see the proprietor. Hiring a slender boat means you can absorb and expertise the wonderful sights and surroundings of life on a canal.

Why Should I Buy A Boat Lift For My Vessel?

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WSVN – If you’ll construct on your property, you get a permit and get it accredited by the town or county. The Galva-Hoist is extremely capable of withstanding the roughest waters here at the lake. So, winch your bonny boat out of the briny sea with a superb-quality boat raise and be in your means, captain. Another early hydraulic carry system was constructed in the New World: the Peterborough Lift Lock on the Trent-Severn Canal, connecting Lake Ontario with the upper Great Lakes and the West. Significantly there’s a continuous down-stream flow created by the River Dee up in Llangollen which you boat in opposition to on the way in which upstream.

The lower structure creates a inflexible box dishing out the burden of the boat across many more load points than the competition. Boat lifts floating boat lifts boat raise warehouse, Boat lift warehouse is without doubt one of the main providers of various varieties of boat lifts including floating boat lifts, tide tamer boat lifts, pontoon boat lifts and extra. But the timber surrounding Scargo were dancing nothing greater than a gentle waltz, and the surface of the lake was nearly as easy as glass.

Apart from boats being a manner of transportation, importing and exporting many people personal boats and ferries like we personal vehicles which of course are thought of to be a hobby for millionaires. It took decades, but a sex offender who abused little boys in South Florida is lastly paying a value for his crimes. By storing your boat on a boat elevate, you are preventing your boat from hitting the dock during heavy wake or inclement climate.

It’s potential that a earlier proprietor of the painting also thought it was Ensor’s work, and ‘attributed’ it by writing the title on the reverse. While it might be too chilly for these out of doors actions you love like boating, attending events like boat exhibits provide the perfect different. From private watercraft lifts all the way to custom forty six,000lb lifts, your Lake of the Ozarks boat carry supplier has you coated!

Aleem Ghany said the confusion came as a result of the lifts and boat cannot protrude greater than 25 feet into the canal that’s 100 feet huge. This is where a walkway turns into an excellent function to invest in. The walkway can be built to the size of your boat, due to this fact regaining entry to the opposite aspect of your boat. To guarantee security, maintains quality standards, and to guarantee your satisfaction our docks are designed with clean edges and corners. By understanding what parts are concerned, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not the highest boat manufacturers are actually the very best for you or not.

Boat Lifts, Boat Covers, Docks And Dock Accessories

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Summerset Boat Lifts is proud to supply the best Lake of the Ozarks Boat Lift , the Galva Hoist Product Line of floating boat lifts. They also had been uninterested in having to worry with always dragging their boats out of the water the quaint method. Using it together with a ship cowl support system will present the ultimate safety to your boat. Storing your boat off of the water on a top quality elevate will help to cut back the probability of damaging your gel coat and inflicting additional damage to your boat.

For instance a cargo boat have a minimum of seats and more wider space to fit all sorts and sizes of cargo to be shipped from or to another nation. Another profit is the power to keep up your drive units with recent water cleaning, which might be simply achieved whereas your boat is on the elevate. At Summerset Boat Lifts , we delight ourselves in service and that is what units us apart from everybody else.

Give us a name in the event you need assistance choosing the right Lake of the Ozark PWC Lift – we can focus on your water conditions, storage time and assess you dock house to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase!! Boat lifts four point lifts shore docking methods boat, Boat carry distributors provide the perfect in shore docking systems like these four level lifts.

Even although a Viking Boat Lift may not be in your quick plans, there may be all the time the necessity of an ideal, simple and stylish answer in your dock. Award-winning gross sales, service and set up of Wahoo Docks floating aluminum boat docks and RhinoHoist boat lifts and RhinoPort PWC ports by ShoreMaster. Many (if not most) of the elements used in welded Lifts are the identical from company to firm, but believe me, the sum of a Yacht Lift is bigger than just its parts. Galva Hoist is engineered at the Lake of the Ozarks and FOR the Lake of the Ozarks.

Within just a few miles of McCall are a number of pure hot springs, Cascade Lake and a ski resort. No matter what model of boat you might have, Summerset Boat Lifts has a elevate that is simply best for you – from personal watercraft lifts all the way to customized forty six,000lb lifts! Don’t let our identify fool you, The Boat Lift Company companies much more than just your carry. It is better to keep your boat up on a superb boat lift, than to depart it to bang and rub in opposition to a dock. For example, we’ll ship any of our massive merchandise corresponding to docks or lifts to Phoenix, AZ for under $216! The truth is, you will not discover a finer or extra inexpensive air actuated boat raise wherever!

Join Us At The Overland Park Boat Show In January

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Boat+LiftsYour useful resource for air actuated lifts, floating docks, ramps, gangways, swim ladders, rub rail, & cleats! The path that travels beside all four lakes in the Lightning Lake Chain is twenty 5 kilometres lengthy when the journey starts on the Lightning Lake parking zone. The Overland Park Boat Show has all the exhibitors and vendors listed on the website so that you can try. Boat detailing is an important part of your total craft maintenance that shouldn’t be neglected. We provide cantilever lifts for boats and pontoons in 2000, 3000 and 4000 lb capacities in 108 or one hundred fifteen inch widths.

Boat homeowners could stow their boats on the water whereas protecting them good and dry. Greg Valli, President of the corporate, has been a marine contractor for practically 25 years and is dedicated to bringing clients one of the best built lifts, docks and seawalls at the best costs. Lightning Lake is the nearest lake to the freeway and presents swimming (but no lifeguard), fishing, canoe, rowboat and kayak rentals, and a ship launch. With the straightforward flip of a switch, launch or dry-dock your boat in as little as three minutes.

From personal watercraft lifts all the way to customized 46,000lb lifts, check out the Galva-Hoist and its exclusive vendor on Lake of the Ozarks… Summerset Boat Lifts! It is why your entire shoreline of Florida is a large graveyard for sunken ships from the 1500’s to the present day. At a few of the lakes there is an choice to take a wood boat tour, some have been operating since 1927! As your premier boat elevate firm on the Lake of the Ozarks , we’re here to help with all of your boat elevate needs! The proprietor of the lock keepers home sets out issues to buy for boaters so in the event you want a guide or lock key then you’ll be able to pick one up right here.

If you may have any additional questions about boat lifts right here on the Lake of the Ozarks, please do not hesitate to call us at 573-348-5073. All kinds of lifts that we develop have a construction of aluminum, chrome steel cables, pulleys acetal and several other other options to give you a high quality product and straightforward maintenance. We are Williamson Boat Lift – Builders of high quality boat lifts for over 50 years. When choosing to make use of a ship carry, you’ll additionally avoid the opportunity of your boat drifting away or taking over water and sinking. Permanent Boat Lifts present year spherical and long run safety on your boat.

If you could restore your present elevate, peruse a collection of boat elevate motors, aluminum winches, drum switches, and other spare components. From private watercraft lifts to giant lifts with helicopter pads, we have now every part it’s worthwhile to preserve your boat protected while its docked. They include journey by prepare, trams, metro, bus, and boat in addition to few cable cars.

Boat Lift Manufacturer

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At The Boat Lift Company we repair and installing among the finest boat lifts in the business. The first, with a capability of 450 tons (407 tonnes), was built round 1889; the remaining 340-ton (305-tonne) lifts adopted between 1908 and 1917. Aluminum boat lifts for saltwater will retract completely out of the water to prevent electrolysis. Whether you’ve gotten an issue with your present carry or are in the market for a new one, call Summerset Boat Lifts at 573-348-5073! When you attend a boat present, you might have the unique opportunity to climb aboard and examine all the boats. Docks can develop into very slick and you do not wish to find yourself within the water accidentally.

During the primary 20 years, the corporate saw their product line expand from a novel swiveling single piling raise to a product line that includes virtually all sorts and sizes of boat lifts, gangways, docks, boat carry equipment, dock equipment, and a multitude of other merchandise to enhance your waterfront living expertise. I’ll get into that after I relate the legend of Scargo Lake and the Princess for which it is named. At sixteen.00 hours every day, 50 or more palette-splashed fishing boats begin their return to harbour, laden with the day’s catches. Let our friendly and accessible gross sales employees stroll you thru your boat raise investment.

From private watercraft lifts to customized forty six,000 pound lifts, Summerset Boat Lifts has you covered! Marina #1 grade polyethylene dock floats are used on all of our floating docks to make sure proper buoyancy. No matter what model of boat you may have, the Galva-Hoist gives great worth and efficiency. At DECO Boat Lifts, not solely can we manufacture sturdy, modern boat lift programs, however we’re also the right supply for highly customized boat hoist options. Doozie® Boat Lifts take only some hours to install and require minimal upkeep.

If you put two equally sized powerboats in two neighboring tanks, the water level of the tank with the displacement hull boat will be much larger than the tank with the planning hull boat, even when the boat is just not planning but just sitting there. Unlike most boat carry companies we supply a large inventory of lifts and docks enabling us to supply well timed service delivering the product you want once you want it. As boat carry canopies are prohibited in many municipalities all through British Columbia the Automatic Boat Cover from Sunstream Boat Lifts is the right resolution! Some 75 yards past the Llangollen Wharf there is no such thing as a powered slim boat navigation past this level.

It is no massive surprise that boat lifts got here into being resulting from boaters’ need for a approach of storing their boats without taking on a ton of area. The two synthetic waterways are joined by the forty five-foot (thirteen.5-meter) Henrichenburg boat lift at Waltrop. Imagine, no more lake scum from sitting in the water and no more marine development.