It is fitting we are proud to be citizens of Indonesia who have incredible cultural diversity. It has also become more distinct values of Indonesia in the eyes of foreigners.

Tourists and travelers the world, who are interested in visiting Indonesia, it is also sometimes they come back again just to see how the cultural show that we have. No wonder, because for them the traditions and culture that we have is unique and is not owned by other countries.

And some cultural performances, most favored by tourists in the world, including:

  • Batik

Batik is a form of art in the form of fabric painted with a particular motif. Traditional techniques done by using wax and a tool called a canting. The tradition of decorating fabric resembles batik exists in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries. But the most famous Indonesian batik among others worldwide.

The Batik artificial island of Java has a long history of acculturation with diverse patterns are influenced by a variety of cultures. Batik is not just a fabric, but also works of art. That’s why in October 2009, Indonesian batik as a UNESCO World Heritage Human Oral and non-material.

  • Wayang Kulit

Wayang Kulit art show has been in Indonesia for a few centuries ago. Initially wayang kulit art is used as a medium to spread the religion. But with a growing age, the show has now become a means of entertainment for the public, even becoming one of the Indonesian culture is very interested foreigners visiting Indonesia. To know more about Wayang Kulit, you can see it in wayang kulit pattern.

  • Angklung

Type a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo pipes were developed in the community of Sunda, West Java, to attract more foreign tourists, is Angklumg. Angklung is not the only traditional musical instrument in the world is made of bamboo, but has now become one of the most popular and worldwide.

  • Reog

East Java has art shows that attract foreign tourists that reog. This art dances with masks lion-shaped head called “Singa Barong”. At the top of the lion’s head, there are ornate peacock feathers affixed such that it looks like a giant fan. Amazingly, Singa Barong mask this may weigh 50 to 60 kg and only taken by using a tooth.

This show is usually done by some person you defeated, besides barongan (people who act as barong), there is also a jathil depicting horsemen, Warok depicting perfect person his manner of life, Klono Sewandono which is king of magic, and Bujang Ganongan or Patih deft, clever, witty, and very powerful. With some typical dance moves reog, and see the reog players, making it aesthetically impressive and has a special meaning.

  • Gamelan

Gamelan equipment has become a big attraction for tourists who come to Indonesia. In fact, because so popular, people from other countries began flocking to learn the traditional art of Indonesia. Gamelan first appeared after the Hindu-Buddhist culture enters and spread in Indonesia. Musical instruments, then developed during the Majapahit kingdom known to shape up like this now.

These are just a kind of cultural performances Indonesia attractive in the eyes of foreign tourists. It was only a small part, because we know Indonesia has so many cultures that make the world spellbound.