Who says you have to take the family out of the zip code to relax from work, create something of lasting value and build great memories?  A relaxing vacation is one that simply transports your mind from your job to something you may enjoy. That may be lying on the couch or the beach for a week or running a marathon or climbing a mountain.  Creating family memories while escaping the stresses of work can happen in your own backyard.

Have you always wanted an in ground pool, a stone fire pit or a killer jungle gym in your backyard? Commit to making that dream come true with a little planning, a lot of hard work and hours of family time.  Get ready to take the plunge and create a masterpiece during your staycation. Enlist your family to decide on the project – one that is affordable, attainable within a week and appeals to the majority.

Take advantage of the savings with a Groupon coupon and contact the professionals on  Angie’s List to complete those parts of the project that exceed your handyman skills. It’s often a question of having both the right tools and skill set to get the job done correctly and on time.  Make your plans well before your vacation week, have tools, supplies and contractors lined up.  If possible, allow for several days after the completion of the project to simply enjoy the fruits of your labor. If that’s unrealistic for your timeline, at the very least, plan to spend the evenings relaxing and enjoying your time together as a family.

Take picture of your progress along the way so you’ll have plenty of fun before and after photos. When you return to work after your staycation, hopefully you’ll have a renewed sense of purpose. Rejuvenating yourself, rekindling family relationships and creating memories together is the formula for a successful vacation!