We had so much to do to get ready for our 30 year reunion. We still had a lot of things to plan. One thing that we already had voted on and settled into an agreement about was renting a Toronto limo bus for one of the big party nights. But we still had to choose restaurants, some family friendly plans and other things like that. I was so surprised that I had even volunteered to do any of this, considering I was not very close to my classmates back in the day. In fact, I was shy and a bit of a loner because I had been picked on and shunned so many times by people. But I changed a lot when I grew into an adult, and now, I take the bull by the horns.

People started to pick on me as early as 5th grade in elementary school. It seemed to me that prior to that particular grade, kids were simply kids and had a lot of fun together. After that grade, they started teaming up with other people and cliques started to form. While a lot of the guys simply had fun and didn’t pick on one another, the females turned the volume up and found quiet classmates to be cruel to. I was one of those kids they were cruel to. It did hurt. But I also noticed that other classmates were affected even more by it. Some of them when disappear after they would cry at home at night after being bullied and their parents would quietly move them to another school.

As I grew older, I became more vocal. I found my voice and I started taking charge. People who tried to control me soon learned that was a big mistake. I am never cruel to anyone. I am very kind in the way I handle things now. People told me that I would be perfect for volunteering to help come up with reunion plans, and I jumped in to do exactly that.